Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter to Maine Senate President Raye

Dear Senate President Raye,

I urge you to take whatever action is needed and appropriate to undo the removal of the mural in the Department of Labor building, as ordered by Governor LePage.  

The removal of the mural is a rash and petty gesture that alienates a large segment of Maine's population at a time when everyone should be pulling together to deal with the very serious challenges the State is facing.  It does nothing to create jobs -- I worked in private industry for thirty years and I cannot imagine a CEO saying, "Well, Maine would be an attractive place to site our new plant, except for that dreadful mural."  

The Governor, in his brief time in office, has done nothing constructive and has made Maine a national laughingstock.  Does he really have nothing more important to do with his time, and no better way to use scarce State resources, than to insult everyone with any tie to workers or to art?  I hope that you will at the very least dissociate yourself and the Republican party from this disgraceful act and this disgraceful man.

Very truly yours,

Neil Gallagher
4 Stowe Lane
Brunswick, Maine 04011

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