Monday, March 28, 2011

Governor won't say where he stashed it

"Labor Dept. mural removed, put in storage

By Tom Bell
MaineToday Media State House Writer

AUGUSTA — The mural at the Maine Department of Labor was removed over the weekend and put into storage.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Paul LePage today declined to say where the mural is now located or why LePage decided to move it so quickly. LePage had previously said he would wait until he found a new home for the mural, which depicts the history of working people and labor unions in Maine.

"The mural has been removed and is in storage awaiting relocation to a more appropriate venue," said the governor's press secretary, Adrienne Bennett, in a statement. "Workers and employers need to work together to create opportunity for Maine's 50,000 unemployed. We understand that not everyone agrees with this decision, but the Maine Department of Labor has to be focused on the job at hand.""

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Jim Watt said...

Some of you will remember John D Rockefeller jr's decision to destroy Diego Rivera's mural which he had commissioned for Rockefeller Center --for daring to include a portrait of Lenin I believe. But, at least, in that case the person who defaced --actually destroyed-- the art was the person who paid for it. As I understand it, the people of Maine paid for the mural that their elected representative has decided to remove to "a more appropriate venue." I look forward to the people of Maine removing the governor to "a more appropriate venue" and returning the art work to it's proper home