Sunday, March 27, 2011

Content, panel by panel - according to artist Judy Taylor's website

Content by panel of the "History of Maine Labor" mural by Judy Taylor

1. The Apprentice : Here, a Cobbler trains his young Apprentice. In the background, are scenes from that era.
2. Lost Childhood : Child labor was common in Maine. They frequently performed dangerous tasks for long hours.
3. The Textile Workers : Young women were often sent to the mills by their families, who could not, or would not 
support them.

4. The Secret Ballot  :For the first time, workers were allowed to vote anonymously in 1891.
5. First Labor's Day : In 1884, Maine celebrated it's first  "Labor's Day", a day for the workers to celebrate.
6. The Woods Workers :A member of the IWW or "Wobblies" tries to organize the Maine woodsmen.

7. The 1937 Strike  :  Scenes from an unsuccessful strike attempt to create better conditions for women workers.

8. Francis Perkins  :  
FDR's  Labor Secretary, and untiring labor activist, a Maine Labor icon.

9. Rosie the Riveter :
 Maine's version of WWII women workers participated as ship-builders.

10. The Strike of 1986 :  The   International Paper strike in Jay, Maine. One that still divides the town.

11. The Future of Labor in Maine :  A figure from the past offers a hammer to workers of the present, who are unsure 
of it's value in a changing world.

Images and content courtesy of Judy Taylor


Daniel Kany said...

Okay, looks like it works...

shekhinahshaman said...

These are such powerful,beautifully drawn images. Even more powerful in person.

Cynthia said...

Perhaps the link to the artist's home page for the mural - - could be listed on the right column in your "useful links" section so this information about what the mural actually consists of remains easily accessible even after future posts push this one off the front page. The links on that page to news articles that were written at the time the mural was created are interesting, as well.

Wendy Patterson said...

When there is some resolution, perhaps there should be a twelfth panel made showing the powerful coalition of citizens defending the mural against the "govn'r and his secret admirer's" agenda for Maine.