Monday, March 28, 2011

LePage speaks out officially - and wrongly - and how to help

Governor LePage has released an official press release on the issue of the Maine Labor History mural, but he continues to deny simple reality.

LePage is quoted in the release: "“I appreciate the effort and talent Ms. Taylor devoted to the creation of her mural as well as the important history it represents. I am pleased that her work of art will be prominently displayed in Portland City Hall, the site of Maine’s first State House.”

It seems someone might have told LePage that the Portland City Council would have to approve the transfer - and the idea is not popular among Portland's arts community. The Council is meeting on April 4.

Councilman David Marshall was even at the Friday, noon protest and press conference in Augusta. LePage certainly won't have his support.

To contact any of the members of the City Council to let them know your opinion, visit this website (their names are email links):

Don't be shy!

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Thank you for continuing to keep me informed on developments.