About M.U.R.A.L.

MURAL (Mainers United for the Rights of Art & Labor)

MURAL comprises diverse citizens of Maine mobilized to speak and act in support of free speech and labor rights in light of Governor LePage’s wrongly seizing the “History of Maine Labor Mural,” commissioned by the Maine Department of Labor and painted by artist Judy Taylor as a permanent work of public art.

MURAL does not have a limited membership. It has been created by thousands of Mainers who have joined our Facebook page and attended our rallies and press conferences.

MURAL seeks to defend and extend freedom of expression for the arts and for the people of Maine. Our voices will not be censored by those who use their political and economic power to further partisan agendas at the expense of working people, children, women, the disenfranchised, and the environment we all depend upon to survive.

MURAL has mobilized public rallies, press conferences, educational sites and legal efforts in support of our shared mission of free speech coupled with legal, moral, ethical and democratic governance. To date, our efforts have yielded global attention and an outpouring of support, but without continued individual and collective activism we may lose the liberties we so prize.
We stand firm and ask that you stand with us.

MURAL (Mainers United for the Rights of Art & Labor)

Edgar Beem
Joan Braun
Daniel Kany
Natasha Mayers
Julieanne Reed
Lee Sharkey
Robert Shetterly