Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Universal Notebook: Reign of error in LePage's state of me | The Forecaster

The Universal Notebook: Reign of error in LePage's state of me | The Forecaster

"Now, you may not think this is a big deal, but, ladies and gentlemen, if the governor can remove any work of art he doesn’t like from public view, does he also have the power to remove any book he doesn’t like from the state library? Based on the state’s argument, we have to presume he does:

“The present administration has now decided to remove that artwork because it was not satisfied that the message conveyed by the work at that location was appropriate.”


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that I find the black background with white text very hard to read. There are probably better things for the webmaster to be doing, but could the background be changed to a more eye friendly color?
Thank you so much... Debbie Zorach

Daniel Kany said...

Thank you for your input. It's actually not hard to change the entire blog with a few keystrokes, but we did try a few different things and have received many positive comments and no negative ones other than yours.

If anyone else agrees, please email me:

Thank you again for your input.

Daniel Kany

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Daniel. I'll hope for a change, but I'll absolutely continue reading. I didn't mean to sound negative:)

Anonymous said...

I love that you've started this blog and agree completely that Gov. LePage's actions constitute censorship of free expression.

I also do agree with Anonymous that the black background with white print is hard on my eyes. I won't stop reading, either, but will hope for some adjustment (if possible).

Sue Gillmor

Joan said...

Perhaps we can brighten the "white". It doesn't seem quite white to me, a little purplish cast. Also,do you know how to make the text larger, readers, by just pushing "Control +"? That often helps me, whatever text I'm reading.

Sally said...

Libraries are anti-business. If some freeloader can just go to the library and check out a book for nothin'--how are the booksellers supposed to stay in business!? *sarcasm* I'm a life long library lover!

Steve said...

Because the mural was created pursuant to the "Percent for Art" law, the unilateral, tyrannical act of removing it is ultra vires cause for judicial review. The Governor grossly exceeded his Executive authority. That office IS subject to limitations of power as vested by we, the citizens of Maine.

Diana said...

Hi Daniel, just some input here: from a readability standpoint light text on very dark contrasting background is the rather worst choice to make - the entire text does this great little dance. That being said, good people who are more interested in remedying a problem (i.e. out-of-control Gov's) will put up with a great deal just to get the solution accomplished - if camping at the Capitol in Madison under a tarp through snow & single digits for 40 days, or protesting for hours in the pouring rain is what people have done to make a point, then a little difficult-to-read text is very minor in the scale of things, eh?

On the other hand when Rotundaville started out, its white text on its gorgeous background of a light gold rotunda photograph was next to invisible - a def. problem.

I also realize the grey & black mimic the Mural; grey & black are fine, in a different configuration.