Wednesday, April 13, 2011

STOP the roll-back of Child Labor Laws! A note from Charlotte Warren, Associate Director of Maine Women's Lobby

STOP the roll-back of Child Labor Laws!

Join us this Friday for the public hearing of L.D. 1346

First, Governor LePage went after the mural portraying Maine's child laborers. Now, he's going after Maine's child labor laws.

Maine’s child labor laws were first enacted in 1847.

Room 208, Cross State Office Building, Augusta, Maine. Please join us at the public hearing this *PLEASE* share this event! Let's STOP the roll-back of child labor protections. At a time when business leaders recognize that student achievement is critical to Maine's economic growth, these bills would shortchange students and impair Maine's economic success. A sub-minimum wage of $5.25 an hour. Now, there is L.D. 1346, which eliminates all those protections and does much more. Most startling is the sub-minimum wage the bill would create for any secondary student under the age of 20 or trainee for the first 6 months of employment. and keep them working until 11 o’clock on a school night. First, there was L.D. 516 which would permit employers to schedule teens to work up to 24 hours during the school week, up to six hours on a school day And, now, there is an attempt in Augusta to roll-back those protections. These child labor laws have been strengthened repeatedly over the years because educators complained that students forced to work long hours outside of school were falling asleep in class.

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